Dong only approves Hyun Bin as Marian’s celebrity crush

Hyun Bin Only!

Marian Rivera revealed that his husband Dong Dantes that South Korean actor Hyunbin is the only crush of Marian that he approves.

Marian recently had an interview as part of promotional for her drama anthology ‘Tadhana.’ She was asked if ever she will do a tadhana special episode of DongYan’s love story.

She said, “They already know everything, so there’s nothing new to say. Unless I had Hyun Bin as my leading man. Since that is new, there would be a difference.”


Marian added that out of his celebrity crush, Dong only approves of Hyun Bin. “Hyun Bin is the only one who got Dong’s approval. I also love the dramas he made. “

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is expecting his first child with his wife Actress Son Hye Jin, the couple tie the knot last March 2022.