Marian went viral and amazed netizens again after spotting them in a mall.

Hands on Mom..

The Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, amazed netizens again on being a hands on mom to her children.

The video of them while walking in the mall taken by one of the netizens got viral on tiktok. The viral video got 1.5 million views and a lot of likes and comments.

Netizens notice how Marian chose to carry her youngest child Sixto given that they have their helper beside them.

Even though they have helper, she prefer that she is the one who will carry her son, take care of them by herself. She can do anything and everything for her children.

Here are some comments of the netizens.

“There is no doubt..that’s why Dingdong loves her more and more.”

“She’s being like that because she already experienced the life that comes from broken family, that’s why she’s doing all her best for her family.”

“She’s not lazy to carry her child, even though she is rich.

“I already saw Ms. Marian, she’s so gorgeous..she’s like a living angel on earth.”

“That’s ‘Darna’ a very strong woman, she’s indeed my superwoman idol.”

“Same here..I got starstrucked by her beauty when we encounter eachother on Tsukiji, a japanese resto here in makati.”

“She amazes me because she’s willing to do everything for her children.”

“I already saw her in person, I froze because of her beauty, she looks like Mama Mary.”

“She is indeed a very hands on mom, because she chose to carry her youngest child even if they have helper beside them.”

“Given that she’s so beautiful already, yet she’s a caring Mom also, who doesn’t depend to their helper.”