Dantes Family spotted at City of Dreams.

Mom Marian’s typical day

When Marian Rivera had an interview with Philippine Star, she narrates her typical day whenever she doesn’t have work.

Mama Marian said that if she doesn’t have work, she normally begins her day at 5:30 in the morning. She wakes up early to prepare Zia’s things for school and baon for face-to-face classes.

At 6:00 in the morning she wakes Zia up, and her prepare and serves her breakefast, and then she gets her ready to school.

After that, once Marian returns home, she now get Sixto ready. Sixto takes Taekwondo Class in the morning 9 to 11 AM. While his soccer class is scheduled in the afternoon.

After that, she ends her day accompanying Zia for her after school activities or helping Zia with her school assigments.

When asked how does she able to balance it all, career, life, love and family Marian said, ” I always gets asked about that. How do I balance work, my personal career and taking care of my kids. It’s because i know my priority in life. I know my number 1 priority. And ofcourse time amanagement.

In other news, The Dantes Family were spotted at City of Dreams. Youtube user Gina Bells Official posted a video of The Dantes Family on her youtube channel. Watch the video beloq.