Sixto’s cute video call with his Mom

Sixto misses his Mom..

Everyone wants to know who is the good cop and bad cop to Zia and Sixto between Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes.

In an interview Marian revealed that the Bad Cop is her and the Good Cop is her husband Dong. “Ofcourse the good cop is the father and the bad one is me.” 

You may ask why? According to Marian Dong is the good cop because he’s the one who’s always away to work, and Marian is the one who’s always at home and if he will become the Bad Cop the kids might grow far from him.

“Dong is the one who’s always away because of work, he is outside working for us. I’m the one who is always at home.” She said.

“Dong said if I become the bad cop my kids heart might grow far from me, or else you are the one who is always there correcting their mistakes and telling them what they should do.”

When Marian has work she still checks on Zia and Sixto at home via  video call. Marian recently shared this clip of her video calling Sixto. It’s so adorable!


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