This is what Marian drink every night to keep herself fit and healthy

Marian shares her evening ritual..

Marian Rivera-Dantes is a Mom of 2 adorable children Zia and Sixto, but she was able to keep her figure as if she never given birth to two children at all.

Marian still have her toned abs and S line figure, even her husband said she looks more blooming now than before.

Biofitea’s tagline ‘Yan and Tiyan’ is perfect for her. She is dubbed as one of the hottest Mom in showbiz, so it only fits that she is the face of Biofitea.

Marian is Biofitea’ endorser for 8 years now. Biofitea believes in Marian’s unwavering figure and confidence that inspires thousands of women. Marian said that she wants to inspire women that there is nothing to be afraid of.

“Some women are afraid to get pregnant and give birth because they are worried they will not be able to return to their pre-pregancy figure. I want to inspire them that they should not be afraid because there are ways to be fit, slim and healthy after giving birth.” She said.

Marian’s secret is taking biofitea before going to bed. “Almost time for bed  @biofiteaherbaltea has always been part of my evening ritual to keep myself light, fit and confident!” She posted.

With just one cup before going to bed it will help you to naturally flush out toxins in the morning. “Feel confident, light and sexy all day with Biofitea slimming tea.

“Biofitea is made from just the right amount of high quality Senna leaves and pods. With just one cup before bedtime helps you naturally flush out toxins in the morning. So you feel good inside and out.”

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