How Marian deal with Bashers!

“Kung papadala ka sa lahat ng sinasabi nila, mababaliw at masisira ka talaga!”

In the latest episode of celestified, Marian Rivera and Celeste Tuviera talked about her bashers.

Celeste asked Marian, “Do you have bashers?” Marian answered, “Ate It is natural for everyone, whether you work in a hospital or a bank, or whatever you do, there will always be people like that in your life.”

So how do Marian deal with her bashers? Everyone on social media understand what mental health is and it is true that people do have huge effect on everyone’s mental health.

Marian answers, “Yes that’s right. If you will get affected to what they say about you, you will literally go crazy at the same time you will get ruined.”

“So for me, it’s just natural in showbiz, it’s not like everyone will like you right away. At first I have a lot of questions like ‘why are they being harsh towards me?’ It’s just me, Im just being true to myself and Im just being transparent to all of you.” She said.

Marian said she learn to accept and adjust to the world she chose to be apart of. “This is me so if you don’t like me just unfollow me, It’s so easy if that’s how it is but its not like that, you choose this world, you become ‘public property’ because of the choice you made so you must know and accept all the consequences of that.”

“It’s not like you do acting for a living and then refuse to accept the negative consequences. You must accept the outcome as a whole, whether positive or negative.” Says Marian.

Marian admitted at first she doesn’t understand why she have bashers. “At first I always ask ‘why is it like that? why do I have bashers? why is it feels like they don’t understand me?'”

Marian soon realized that there are fans who will always be ready to defend her. “I realized there are things that you don’t need to explain to anyone, because there will always be people who will do it for you.”

They will defend you against them and they give you courage and will make you realize that they are not important people to you so you dont need to be bothered by them but you cant avoid not to think of it.

Consider how these bashers might be able to help you in improving yourself. I still believe that there are more good people than bad ones in this world.”

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