Sixto answers all of his Dad’s superheroes questions correctly!

It’s a perfect Score for Sixto Dantes!

Like his father, Sixto is very fond of Superheroes. As you may all remember, his Dad Dong Dantes favorite Superhero is Batman.

Dong loves collecting Batman, his batman collection has its own room and he also own a Batman costume. Looks like Sixto is following on his Dad’s footstep.

Just like his Dad, Sixto loves Superheroes. In a video shared by his Mom Marian Rivera, his Dad Dong Dantes put his knowledge to the test by asking the real names of the Superheroes both from Marvel and DC.

Dong asked Sixo the real names of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Hulk. Sixto answers them all correctly!

We don’t even know their real names! Sixto sure does have a sharp memory like his Ate Zia.

Watch the video below!