Marian reveals SECRET to ‘Gandang Marian’

The secret is out!

Marian Rivera’s beauty never get old, even in a simple zoom meeting her beauty glows more and more.

So the the question of so many is “How to be like Marian?”

“I think being positive in life is a big factor to achieve a glowing face. Being inlove with my husband is also a big factor. Also knowing that I have two children is a big factor because they are my inspiration in my everyday life.”

And also one of the factor is because of my fans who always support me and love me even if i rarely appear on television.”

Even though she is often complimented, she still feels loved and delighted when her followers message her and express their appreciation.

“Of course I still gets butterflies in my stomach every time they compliment me. Ofcourse I feel happy because they really appreciate me.”

“So if you want to be fit, drink biofit tea and a lot of water. If you’ll go outside apply the maxipeel. I mentioned all of my endorsements.”