Marian Rivera candidly shares her laboring experience with Zia and Sixto

The difference between a girl and a boy.

In a PEP special interview, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes talked about her children Zia Dantes and Sixto Dantes.

Marian said that she ia very thankful to her daughter Zia, “Im very thankful to Zia, because she’s so matured already. So Im happy because she can understand me even though she’s still very young. I hope Sixto will be like his Ate.”

When it comes on raising her children, the press asked her about the difference of raising a girl and a boy? And is there a difference carrying a girl and a boy?

Marian said, “Okay let’s compare. When i was pregnant with Zia, it was not really painful . My stomach got bigger but I didn’t feel any pain or anything.”

“When i was pregnant with Sixto it was so hard and painful, even if my tummy was not that big yet Sixto was so naughty inside my tummy that I can’t even sleep. And also my tummy when I was pregnant with Sixto was bigger than my tummy when i was pregnant with Zia.”

“And then my labor with Zia took so long but it was painless, I didn’t feel any pain while i was in labor with her. Although they gave me some anesthesia, I requested not to give me too much anesthesia because for me I want to feel the pain of delivering my baby.

Though Marian has a very high tolerance to pain, her labor with Sixto finally got her, but still declined to have full anesthesia.

Dong even said I was being a sadist. When i was laboring with Sixto it was so fast but the anesthesia they injected me has lost the effect so i was so hurt and I felt like I was gonna cry a blood but the delivery was successful.