Marian: Hindi ko sukat akalaing mapapangasawa ko si Dong.

Marian never imagined she’d end up with Dong.

Marian Rivera talked about her husband Dong Dantes.Marian blushes everytime she thinks how fate brought them together.

Last December 30, 2020 was there 7th year wedding anniversary, But before that they’ve been in a long term relationship.

“I never imagined he’d become my husband, because I didn’t have the slightest feelings for him. I never imagined we would meet again and then become husband and wife with two children.” She said.

Marian said, her feelings for Dong started to change when they started filming Dyesebel. She saw a different side of Dong.

He cared and comfort her when she was having a hard time and almost drowned during filming.

Marian’s greatest dream is to have a happy and complete family. God blessed them with two children, Maria Letizia, 6 years old and Jose Sixto, 3 year old.

Marian says “It was so priceless for me, If there is only one thing I should be grateful for, it’s becoming a mother.”

Now, almost 13 years together and counting, 2 children, DongYan is tronger than ever.