Diet Cereal is using Marian for False Advertisement!

Please be ware and cautious.

Marian Rivera’s endorsement list keeps getting longer and longer.

Almost every other day there’s a new product that she’s endorsing. Now her endorsement in Beaut├ęderm Home has such a powerful impact. Limited edition soy candles and household sprays that deodorize, sanitize, that protects consumers are also available.

Because she is in high demand for endorsements, Some products on the internet is using Marian’s photo without permission for false advertisements.

That is why netizens and fans should be cautious. Because some products are merely using Marian for false endorsement.

After the false advertisement of slimming product, now a false advertisement of a diet cereal is being spread in social media.

Marian Rivera is NOT endorsing any diet cereal. Please be ware and be cautious. You can check Marian’s official product endorsements on her Instagram Account.

Marian is more busy right now because she has a lot of endorsements and a sitcom, Jose & Maria’s Bonggang Villa which airs every Saturday on GMA 7.