Will DongYan allow Zia and Sixto to guest on their sitcom?

Jose & Maria Bonggang Villa

Since Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa sitcom is family-oriented, is there a chance that they will allow their kids Zia and Sixto to guest on their show?

Marian said with a smile, “Perhaps yes, just walking through the set.” While Dong said, “That is not impossible, I mean, we haven’t discussed it yet, so thank you for bringing it up. Because you bring that up we might give it a chance to discuss about it.”

The show’s co-producers are AgostoDos Pictures, that is the production outfit of Dingdong And Marian, APT entertainment Inc and GMA-7. As producers, what are the challenges that they didn’t encounter as an artist.

“Well, aside from backend and admin stuff… We don’t really mind that since we want to point our focus on our performance. Our partnerships with APT, Triple A, and GMA are strong, so we’re confident that everything is covered.”

“So we don’t want to worry about it, Aside from performance the creative inputs are also important. Because sometimes during the set, we think of something we need to add, and we’ll ask Direk Sweet if it’s acceptable.”

“That was the part where we want to put an extra effort instead of the backend stuff. So there isn’t much difference.”

Marian plays Maria Villa and Dong plays Jose Villa in the sitcom. They own a Bed and Breakfast business. Marian was asked who her dream guest for their show would be.

Marian answered while smiling “I’m already happy with all the cast of our show, they are really my dream people to work with.”

Marian also said “The stars who will be our guests is a bonus since we have already built a one happy family in Bonggang Villa, they are the people we really dreamed to work with.”