Marian Rivera is still the Queen of Endorsements!

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, still receiving a lot of endorsement.

Thats why until now she is the “Queen of Endorsements” that is the term people use to call her. Let’s start with “Beautéderm Home” that had a press conference last week.

Do you know Marian’s been ambassador of it for 4 years. And until now she is still one of the official brand ambassador of “Beauté Derm” for another 30 months. Together with the CEO of “Beautéderm Home” Miss Rhea Tan, these ladies are indeed beautiful and gorgeous.

Marian was in “Beautéderm Home” to introduce their brand new essential products under the reverie line, that will not only provide every home an ambrosial ambiance but will also protect you from germs, bacteria and viruses as well.

Also as a special treat to honor the partnership renewal of “Beautéderm Home” and Marian, reverie will be releasing a special limited edition soy candle box set that includes three new scents which inviting cherimoya irresistible vanilla and tempting pier and melon.

So we want to congratulate again Marian for her new shampoo endorsement, it is so good the consumers are buying it. I also want to congratulate the “DongYan” team for the highest ratings they got from their new sitcom “Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa”.

The sitcom has been airing for 2 weeks now every saturday on GMA Network. They also got good reviews from the viewers.