Slimming product using Marian’s photo for false advertisemet.


We were alarmed when we received advertisements for slimming products on our Facebook feed. The slimming product is using Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes photos to make it look like Marian is endorsing the product.

Because we are all aware of all of the products she promotes. We sent her a Viber message with a photo of the anonymous advertising.

We sent her numerous photos of the advertisements. And if we aren’t aware of these types of fake news and disinformation, netizens may believe it to be true. Because of the good photoshopped, it appears that the person who does that is skilled.

There is also a video where Marian promotes the products. Not only photo but also video edits. She quickly responded to our message asking her if it’s really her in the advertisement. She replied “No”.

Apart from being used to deceive customers in order to sell products, many individuals believe it was her in the anonymous advertising, based on their comments.

In the other side, Marian and Dingdong Dantes are so happy because of the high they got from the “Jose & Maria’s Bonggang Villa” pilot episode on saturday night. They beat the show from the other network.