Zia and Sixto watching Cultural Show in Lakbay Museo

Zia and Sixto enjoy Cultural show.

Dong, Marian, Zia and Sixto aka The Dantes Squad enjoyed their date yesterday at Lakbay Museo.

Dong and Yan shared some photos and videos on their social media accounts showing how much they enjoyed visiting Lakbay Museo and Dessert Museum.

Zia and Sixto enjoyed it so much they even dance along with the cultural dancers from Lakbay Museo. Dong also showed different places in the Philippines they got to visit during their tour of Lakbay Museo.

Here are some photos from their visit. Ate Zia and Sicto posing for a photo.

Daddy Dong enjoying the tour as well!

Somethings you can find at Lakbay Museo!

And here is The Dantes Family watching the Cultural show!