Marian and Sixto’s story time!

Story time with Marian and Sixto!

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes and her youngest child Sixto spend some quality time together before going to bed.

Mommy Marian tells a story about robots to Sixto. Sixto was so fascinated by the story. One of Sixto’s favorite toy is robot.

They seem to be having a great time doing it together. They even wear costumes as robots. The fresh images of Sixto wowed the internet.

Sixto, like his parents, is said to have a very attractive and beautiful face. Netizens even claimed that the Dantes family is extremely fortunate and hit the genes jackpot.

Netizen said they catch all of the good looks when God rains it down. Truly they are the most beautiful family in showbiz.

Thank you The Chikka for the video!