“Is there any day na pangit ka?” Aiko to Marian

Marian and Aiko..

Marian Rivera Dantes, is probably the only woman who don’t have a bad angle. Any kind of angle, she looks beautiful from any point of view.

With make up or without make up, a mess or not, even if her mouth opens while she sleeps she’s still pretty.

That’s why Miss Aiko Melendez asks Marian on one of her vlogs if there is a day that Marian feels ugly. She wonders because Marian doesn’t have any bad angle. “I’m just curious, is there any day na pangit ka?”

After asking her with that question, she responded saying that she’ll ask her husband if there is any day that she is ugly. “Tatanungin ko yung asawa ko ah kung kelan ba ko panget.”

Daddy Dong and ate Zia look adorable while Daddy Dong is working out and carrying ate Zia. With the help of ate Zia, his body will get more fit.