“Baka may third, malay mo ibigay ni Lord.” Marian on having another baby.

Marian on having more children.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes is currently having a series of interview with Ms. Celeste Tuviera on her youtube channel ‘Celestefied.’

Ms. Celeste asked Marian to share the difference between her pregnancies with Zia and Sixto. “Aside from being blessed. Share with them the difference between pregancies with your two kids. When you got pregnant with Zia, you’re very careful during your pregnancy. Tell them that story.”

“Of course, with my first baby I was very careful. I followed the do’s and don’t’s. I need to be very careful, I need to take care of myself because I’m carrying my first baby.

When it comes to my second baby (sixto), I didn’t totally followed all of the things I did during my first pregnancy. I ate all the foods, I realized it’s like that way when it comes to your second baby although of course I didn’t ate all the foods that is not good for my baby. It’s very different when it comes to my first pregnancy.” Marian said.

When it comes to having more children, “Do you guys have a plan for 3rd 4th 5th 6th and 7th baby?” Celeste asked. Marian answered, “Maybe we’ll have a third baby, if God will bless us with a third baby.”

Marian was very vocal about wanting a lot of children, so celeste asked, “I thought you have a plan to make a basketball team?”

“It’s very difficult to be honest, before, I really want a basketball team, but maybe I can only make cheerleaders. Because having a lot of kids is not a joke, it’s not easy to take care of them, it’s not easy to raise children.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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