Marian teaches Zia how to be independent!

“My grandma taught me to be independent so I want to teach Zia the same.” – Marian

Celeste Tuviera got to have an exclusive interview with The Primetime Queen Marian Rivera where she talks about Life, Family, Love and Work.

Celeste and Marian got to talked about Zia and how down to earth she becomes. “I see that Ate Zia is so down to earth.” Celeste said.

Marian revealed that she is teaching Zia how to do her own laundry. “Yes I also teach her how to do her laundry.”

“I saw her cooking skills on social media, she can also wash her clothes and she can wash the plates properly. The way she hold the plates, you’ll see that she knows how to do it.” Celeste said.

Marian told Celeste that Zia even wants to learn how to cook her favorite dishes. “Actually she have one request, she wants to cook her favorite dishes like sinigang and tinola and I said okay next time we will do it.”

Marian said she wants to teach Zia what her grandmother taught her. “Even when I was a kid I’m also the one who washes my underwear even though we have a helper in our home. My grandma taught me to be independent so I want to teach Zia the same.”

“Everytime before she takes a bath she needs to wash her underwear first. There are times she is saying ‘Mama I think I’m tired’. and then I will say to her no you need to wash it until she used to do it everyday.”

Marian said she needs to learn it because it is for her own sake. Celeste then asked Marian, “Is she washing her own plates every day?”

Marian answered “When she have no classes only, the important is she knows how to do it properly. That can help her to be independent.”

Here’ the video:

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