Dong Dantes napa wow sa kagandahan at kaseksihan ni Marian Rivera!

Marian amazed Dong..

The contract signing of Marian Rivera for her latest endorsement Kamiseta Skin Clinic was held last month.

Entertainment Press gushed  over Marian’s timeless  beauty, even the live viewers from Facebook Live can’t help but gushed about about how young looking she is.

Marian’s dress suits her very well, she stands out even more, and Marian’s angelic face never gets old, she looks so young.

In her instagram, Marian shared a clip where we saw how beautiful and stunning she is with her outfit of the day from head to toe.

That is why her husband Dong Dantes can’t help but to comment, “Huwow!”

Marian also shared how they get Sixto and Zia involved during tadhana. Here is the clip: