Sixto: Mama i want ghostbusters!

Lullaby versions..

Super Mom Marian Rivera-Dantes was a guest at Ceste Tuviera’s Youtube talkshow ‘Celestified.

Marian shared a story about  his 3 year-old son Sixto,  how he makes request  to her to sing him a lullaby versions of his favorite  songs.

“Sometimes I sing Hallelujah but Sixto is a bit different. He request songs like ‘Mama.. the wheels on the bus’. So it’s a challenge how will i make wheel on a bus a lullaby.

Marian added, “He is so cute, he will make another request, ‘Mama i want ghostbusters!'”. Marian sings “If there’s something strange In your neighborhood Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

Marian said, Sixto will open his eyes and sings “‘Ghostbusters!’ He’s super cute and naughty!”

Watch the clip below:

Watch the full video on Celeste Tuviera’s Youtube channel!