Marian to Dong: Ulitin mo nga ang pangit!

Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes had a press conference for their new sitcom ‘Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa’.

Here’s a part of the interview that we also translated for International fans.

Interviewer: Dong, about your new sitcom, do you feel more pressure this time knowing that all of your previous shows got high ratings and got good feed backs like the “amazing earth” and “family feud”? Are you worried that the rating of your new sitcom will not be the same as your previous shows? 

Dong: Not really, because I see it as my blessings, even my previous shows I see it that way. That I need to take care of and it is also my dream to work with Marian again and he grant that wish for me, I already blessed on that. I’m also excited to build a new family with the whole cast during our tapings. That is very sentimental for me and for us that’s why whatever might happen we’re very sure that we’re enjoying what we are doing and we make some people happy by just watching our show. And above all, what’s important is we are all learning new things within the set so everything else is a bonus. 

Interviewer: Thank you for that Dong, question for Yan and Dong, Did you guys discuss at home about what happened during the scenes? Like “I think you’re not in the right timing for that scene” 

Dong: Yes there is, always. She even kick me saying “that was so awful”.

Interviewer: In her last interview Marian said that she was the only one who laugh at your jokes and she even told to others to laugh at your jokes.

Marian: Huh? anyway just watch it. I will just add to what’s Dingdong just said, that this is such a blessing for us. I also said that every time I have a soap opera or new project I always looking forward for the new family we’ll make with the whole cast. So I said to myself that my family will get more bigger.