Marian revealed how she put Zia and Sixto to sleep within 5 minutes

Marian on celestified

Marian Rivera made a revelation on Celestified how she put Zia and Sixto to sleep within 5 minutes.

Marian revealed that she have a song for her children and she is only revealing it on celestefied.

“I have this song for them to make them sleep. “mmm-hmmmm go to sleep sixto mama loves you~” with a kiss and then after 5 minutes they already asleep.”

Celeste said that Zia and Sixto got used to it. Marian jokingly said that she should try it to Dong as well, “Maybe I will try it too with Dong to make him sleep.”

Marian said that she also have an alternate song, it’s a gospel song. “That is what I always sing for them or else  gospel songs. I don’t know if you know this song “birheng mahal, birheng mahal na na na na na”.

You can watch the full episode on Celestified youtube channel!