Marian Rivera referred to as “Patron Saint” by online retailers.

Marian’s love and support to local entrepreneurs.

The reason for this was that, despite the fact that the seller offered marian the products for free, she refused and insisted on paying but still promote them to her social media accounts. reveals Marian Rivera’s purchasing style on the internet. That if it’s another artist, they’ll definitely take free stuff from online sellers, but Marian is very different.

Heres what says: “When Ms. Marian messaged me more than a year ago, hindi pa ko makapaniwala, akala ko poser. Hahahaha. ‘Yung kilig ko pigil na pigil pero sa totoo lang gusto ko ng ialay buong tinda ko sa kanya.

[When Ms. Marian messaged e more than a year a go, I cant believe that it was really her, I thought it was a fake account.]

“I was so reluctant to post about her because i was so shy. I was so happy and delighted. To be honest I really want to give all of my products to her, that level of happiness.

But all the online sellers she dealt with can attest to this: she is the kindest! She responds quickly, she always insist on paying even when I ask her not to.

She seems to be more suitable of the nickname ‘Online Seller’s Patron Saint.’ But above all, I love how she takes care of her family. Lalo na her kids.

They would not be as loving to each other as seen in the picture if it is not for her. Anyway, that’s it. I just want to say that. Thank you again Ms.Marian Rivera.”

indeed our kind Queen! Thank you for sharing your story! You may read her full conversation with Marian here: