Marian shared how she felt meeting Dong for the first time.

First Impression..

In the latest episode of Celestified, Celeste Tuviera asked Marian Rivera about the first time she met her now husband Dong Dantes during an audition for Marimar.

Celeste said she told Marian, “Yan! He’s so cute!” and Marian answered her, “He’s okay.” Celeste even asked Marian if she likes Dong, and Marian once again answered, “He’s okay.”

Marian explained that her focus during that time was to do well on her audition.

“I first saw him during marimar audition. My focus that time was to give my very best; my goal was to reach the director’s expectations of me. Because that was the main reason why I was there, to act and to do my job not to find someone.”

“I really focused on my job; that is my responsibility, nothing more. So, I need to get this role. That was the very first time I wore 2 piece, a really daring one. I did that for my addition. I just go with the flow.”

Marian said Dong had a beard that time, so she called him ‘goat’. “That time dingdong’s beard was so long I even used to call him “goat” because he really looks like a goat because of his beard.

“I told myself, “We both need to look good on screen.’ I need to give my best, so I really ignored him because work is work for me and for him too.”

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