Sixto loves Ironman

Sixto is the new endorser of Tender Care!

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s baby boy Sixto iz the new face of Tender Care.

Marian shared a post on her official instagram account. “Sixto enjoys running around and being active just as any toddler but we let him be his playful self so he can learn and experience many things ☺️ Thanks to Tender Care, Sixto’s skin is still clean and fresh after a day full of activities.”

When it comes to Sixto’s skin Marian and Dong only trust Tender Care!

In another news, here is adorable photo of Sixto after seeing the lifesize Ironman. After attending the birthday of his cousin, he visited his Dad’s old penthouse where his Dad’s life size batman and ironman were kept.

Here is the clip: