DongYan to have a Sitcom soon!

DongYan is back!

It’s less worry more work now for the Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes, because after 2 years she is now ready to have on set taping now that she is fully vaccinated and boosted.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes physically attended the contract signing of her new endorsement. Ever since the pandemic started 2 years ago, Marian rarely accepted work outside and attended face to face events.

Because she’s fully vaccinated, boosted and covid cases is now at it’s lowest, it is a sign that Marian is ready for on location tapings.

As a matter of fact, there is a sitcom in the works for her and husband Dong Dantes. Marian said that the script is done and they are finalizing the cast and date.

“Tapos na ang script nia finalizing the cast and finalizing the date.. reading ma kami so after ng reading ready to roll na.”

Here’s the clip!

Are you excited for DongYan’s sit com?! Cuz we are!