Meet the 3 fur babies of Dantes Family

Zia and Sixto’s love for animals

Zia and Sixto both love animals, and their love for animals led them to have 3 fur babies. 2 dogs and 1 cat.

Meet the 3 fur babies for Dantes Family, George, Johnny and Migo!

Migo, a Goldren Retriever first came to the Dantes household in march 2017. He is the very first fur baby of Dantes Family.

He instantly became bestfriend with Ate Zia. Migo remind fans of Fulgoso. The iconic dog bestfriend of Marimar.

The next fur baby of Dantes Family is George! George, a highland straight cat. Kapuso Actress and Marian’s friend Jennylyn Mercado help them to get George.

The latest fur baby that came to Dantes household is Johnny, a maltis. Johnny first came to the Dantes Family in January of 2022.

Here are some of the most adorable moments of Dantes Family with their Fur Babies..