Boobay tearfully asked for Marian’s forgiveness as he shared how Marian helped him.

Boobay asks Marian Rivera for forgiveness because the TV host shared how the Kapuso actress helped her when he had stroke last 2016.

Onm “Bawal Judgemental” segment of “Eat Bulaga” last week, Boobay is one of their guest choices about people who had their life at risk.

The Kapuso TV host take this opportunity to thank all the people who help him overcome the obstacles he went through in life. Including his family, friends and many more including Marian.

Boobay tearfully said that the Kapuso Primetime Queen doesnt like him to mention that she help him.

According to Boobay, Marian is the one who get him transfered to another hospital after learning he had stroke so that he could have a better treatment to speed up his recovery.

“Of course to my loves, Marian Rivera,” Boobay said while tears welled up in his eyes.

“She doesnt like me mentioning about this but, Yanyan, If it werent for you I wont be standing here at all” he said.

“I dont kno what would’ve happened if you havent transferred me to a better hospital so that they could do the necessary process to bring back my memory,” he continues.

According to Paolo Ballesteros, “Yanyan is really kind.” “True!” added by Allan K.

Here is the clip: