Daddy D and Ate Z Sandok Pera Challenge

Daddy D vs Ate Z

Daddy Dong and Ate Zia Dantes played the viral game on tiktok, The Sandok Pera challenge.

Sandok pere challenge is a a game where players scoop up money bills from a table into a plate while blindfolded. All the bills that they scoop up will be theirs to keep.

They played Sandok pera challenge, and Daddy D and Ate Z were two of the players. First one was Daddy D, ofcourse to make it more fun Mommy M trolled him and keep the money away from Daddy D, making it more difficult for Daddy D to scoop the money.

Next challenger is Ate Z. She almost got P100 bill. Who do you think won this challenge?

Watch the video:

Thank you Shark for sharing the video!