Marian Rivera’s no-make up unfiltered face after work out wow netizens

Natural Beauty..

Marian Rivera posted clips on her instagram that made buzz in social media. There are a lot of beauty filters in social media but Marian proves that she needs none of it.

Since the pandemic Marian has been working out from home. She shared some of her workout routines in her social media account especially on Instagram.

Recently Marian shared her treadmill routine, after doing her treadmill work out Marian shared a selfie video, sweating, no make-up and no filter.

It garnered a lot of praises from netizens how fresh and beautiful she looks after work out. Here are some of their comments:

“Jusko ang kinis at puti ni marian no black spot!”

“No filter needed grabe!”

“What a perfect face and body. “

“Nakakaingit ang ganda!”

“Ang ganda parin niya parang di nanganak ang katawan!”