DongYan dancing in the kitchen

Marian is back at work..

Marian Rivera is now back to work after taking a break for a couple of weeks. Marian has a lot of endorsements shoot to do and also her weekly show Tadahana.

Because her family tested positive for the virus last month, Marian took a break from work to recover and take care of her family.  Zia and Sixto’s wellness is still her number 1 priority.

Marian is still not doing tv series for the moment due to the required locked-in taping. Because locked-in taping required her to stay in the shooting location for months which she can’t do because of Zia and Sixto. For now Marian also works from home.

Meanwhile, Dong shared a swet clip with wife Marian. Dong shared a clip of them dancing in the kitchen.

Such a sweet and loving moment that will surely make everyone smile.

No dull moment with DongYan!