Marian Rivera’s reaction to her friend Cheslie Kryst passing.

American host Cheslie Kryst dies at 30.

There is a surge for answers for the shocking death of former Miss USA Cheslie Krsyt. She was only 30 years old.

The end came to Cheslie at the 60-story luxury high-rise condominium in midtown manhattan. Report says Cheslie was last seen at the 29th floor alone terrance and was believed she jumped to her death.

Police says she left a note, leaving everything to her mother. No motive for the suicide was known, but in a 2018 interview, she talked about mental health.

“I do a lot to make sure i maintain my mental health, and the most important thing I do is talk to a counselor.”

Cheslie became friends with Marian Rivera during the Miss Universe 2021, where they were both members of the selection committee and sat  beside each other at the panel during the pagent.

Marian was heartbroken and shocked; she reposted a photo of her and Cheslie with a broken heart emoji.

Rest In Peace Cheslie. 🙏