Netizens praise Zia for helping with household chores

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is one proud Mom.

Last thursday, Marian Rivera shared a clip of her 6 year old daughter Maria Letizia washing the dishes. Zia even has her apron on.

While Marian was taking a video of Zia, she turn around and gave her Mom a huge smile. She’s very happy she gets to help with household chores.

Netizens praised Zia for being so diligent at such a young age. Her video now has 2.1 million views.

Many expresses their admiration to Marian for raising and teaching Zia how to help with household chores.

Even though her parents are famous, they are raising Zia humbly.

Here are some of the comments:

“Wow very good Zia, and to your Mom and Dad.”

“As you can see Zia knows how to wash dishesGood job Ate Zia 💖👍 You are nurtured with good values God bless your parents!”

“Very good parents they taught her the basic home chores!❤”

“Very Good….salute to the parents…❤❤❤Nice Zia❤❤❤”

“Very good mommy and daddy! Children should learn to do the basic household chores. My salute!👍”

“Salute to the parents of zia….well trained…good job.”

Here’s the video: