Marian on having a 3rd child: Why not?

Another little marian or little dong?

“WHY NOT?!” That is Marian’s response when asked if she still wanted to get pregnant again so that her children with Dingdong will have another sibling.

According to the Kapuso Primetime Queen, it is possible that they could have another child after Sixto but they havent plan for it yet.

“Of course, if it is meant to be another one, I will tell you guys. Whatever God plan to give us, we will accept it whole heartedly” Marian said at the virtual mediacon of GMA 7 for their 4th Anniversary celebrationof the drama-antology Tadhana.

The celebrity mom said that she is ready to conceive again for her third baby with Dingdong, “Why not, we just dont know when. But we are always hoping for one last.

“Two is okay for me, But if we are blessed to have another one then why not, right?” she said.

Meanwhile, the host of Tadhana is very thankful for all the viewers who continue to support their program. If it weren’t for their loyal viewers, they wouldnt have lasted for 4 years.

The Kapuso TV host-actress said, she owe it all to our fellow OFW that choose to trust Tadhana to share their story in public.

“Im not suprise anymore because our fellow OFW stories are all great an bring hope and inspiration to many people.

“Maybe thats the reason why it is loved and enjoyed by many because it is a story of every Filipino. We could all relate in each story somehow and they are unique and there are things we can learn from”, Marian stated.

And part of their 4th year anniverary celebration of Tadhana, is an episode titled “Sa Ngalan Ng Ama.” which aired yesterday.

It was starred by Gabby Concepcion, Eula Valdes, Thea Tolentino and Ariella Arida.

Marian also gave a message to our OFW heroes who continues to fight for their family in times of Pandemic.

She said, “Of course, always ake care of yourselves. Dont lose hope, we can do it. This shall pass too.

“As I said, it is much better if we help eachother. Be positive. Lets help eachother, whatever obstacle in front of us, lets face it together.

“Whether we admit it or not, it is indeed hard. Especially for those people who are in abroad and not with their families.

“Of course, all we could do for now is pray for them to overcome everything andpray for them to be safe wherever they are,” she said.