Urvashi to Marian: Can you call your husband i also need water.

Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela witnesses DongYan’s sweetness.

Marian Rivera held a press conference after getting back from Israel last month. Marian was one of the judges for Miss Universe 2021.

One of the judges Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela witnessed how sweet and supportive Marian’s husband Dong Dantes.

Everytime Marian needs water Dong was there to give it to her. Urvashi saw it and told Marian, “Can you call your husband? I also need water.”

Urvashi added, “Your husband is so loving, you are very lucky to have eachother.”

Marian said she is very thankful that Dong was there for her. “Everytime i told her ‘Dad i’m Ok.’ He was like no whatever you need (tell me). Everytime i was cold, feeling sleepy, thirsty he always rescue me.”

Watch Marian’s interview here: