Dong multi-tasking for Marian

Husband / BodyGuard / Waterboy/ Photographer / Videographer.

Dong Dantes accompanied his wife Marian Rivera to Israel for The Miss Universe 2021. Dong were seen multi-tasking for Marian throughout the trip. From cheering for her, videographer, photographer, Waterboy, Bodyguard, Dong does them all for his wife.

Marian shared an appreciation post on her instagram account for his husband.

“Before this trip ends I’d like to thank the best husband I could ask for 😭 β€” from being my cheerleader to waterboy, thank you for everything that you do for us πŸ’• Thanks for creating memories with me so that we can look back at them together ☺️ Love you! ” She wrote.

A video clip was also shared on social media were Dong was in action following behind Marian with a giant camera on hand, showing how supportive he is to his wife.

It was said that Dong is making a vlog of Marian’s trip to Israel that will be uploaded on their Youtube Channel, The Dantes Squad.

Marian, Dong and their whole team is expected to be back today in The Philippines from their trip to Israel.