Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela to Marian: I’m obsessed with her!

Bollywood Superstar meets Filipina Superstar!

The Miss Universe Preliminary Competition and National Costume Show was held today at Eilat, Israel.

Members of the Selection Committee got to meet one another for the first time, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera and Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela were seated beside each other and immediately clicked formed friendship.

Urvashi uploaded a video on her instagram account with 43 Million followers and introduced Marian to her audience, “Hey guys! Meet my favorite actress from the Philippines!” She said.

Urvashi can’t help but to gush about Marian, “She glows! She glows like the sun! I’m obsessed with her!” She said. Marian was then asked what she can say about Urvashi, “She’s very friendly and i love her!” Marian said.

Urvashi and Marian said Good luck to the candidates and may the best girl win! Here’s the full video from Urvashi.

The Coronation Night of The Miss Universe 2021 will air live on December 13th, 7am. You can stream it live on Miss Universe Facebook Page or watch on Fox.