Angel Locsin to Marian Rivera: Yes Please parang awa mo na!

Marian Rivera to teach Angel Locsin how to cook.

Many are not aware that the Two Queens of Philippine TV Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin are good friends in real life.

Recently Angel Locsin posted a video on her instagram and youtube account as she tried to cook spaghetti. As she taste her spaghetti Angel Locsin face turned sour.

She said that the spaghetti she cooked is very sour. She posted, “tried to cook! Here’s my very “subtle” review on my masterpiece 😂 Watch the full video here:

Marian commented on the video and said, “hahaha nako turuan kita!”. Angel replied, “Please parang awa mo na!”. Marian replied back ,”Naman ikaw pa! Text mo lang ako anytime!”

Here is the video, you can tell it’s really sour base on Angel’s facial expression. 😆