Marian on Zia’a fondness of Sarah G. ‘Kilig na kilig yung anak ko! Juicekoday!’

Zia loves Tala!

During a zoom interview with the press, Marian got to tell the story how Sarah G. found out about Zia’s love for her mega hit song Tala.

Marian said that it was Dong’s Dingdong PH business partner Ranvel Rufino who told Sarah about Zia’s love for tala.

Ranvel is also a close friend of Sarah and her husband Matteo. “Sobra gusto gusto niya ang tala, Si Ranvel Rufino is very close sa amin kasi may business sila ni Dong, si Ranvel very close din kay Sarah and Matteo.”

She said that one time Dong sent a video of Zia to Ranvel. Zia was dancing to tala, “One time sinend ni Dong kay Ranvel na nagtatala si Zia.”

Ranvel happened to be with Sarah and showed her the video of Zia dancing to tala. Then Sarah sent a video for Zia. “Siguro kasama ni Ranvel si Sarah  nag video si Sarah, ‘Hi Zia ang galing mo magtala!'”

Zia was so surprised and asked her Mom why Sarah knows her. “Kilig na kilig ang anak ko! Juicekoday! ‘Why sarah know me? Why sarah know i love tala?'” She said.

Marian found the video and showed it to the press. Sarah said, “Hi Zia! Good job ang galing mo mag tala'”

Here’s the video: