Sixto loves this video so much

YES Pinoy Foundation anniversary

Yes Pinoy Foundation celebrated their 12th year anniversary last august 21st. Dong Dantes the founder of YES Pinoy Foundation posted his message for the anniversary on his instagram account.

“The Pandemic did not spare the YesPinoy Foundation (YPF), but the challenges inspired us even more. We have observed how individuals volunteered their time, energy and resources to be of help to others. We have seen communities reaching out to support the most vulnerable. We have witnessed the generosity overflowing from the Filipino people.

That’s why on our 12th year, in partnership with Doorbell Technologies Inc. or Dingdong®, YPF strengthens our education-to-livelihood initiative by revolutionizing the delivery service industry through HATID DINGDONG®: Rider Professionalization Program. Our intent is to qualify high-performing freelance Dingdong® Partner Riders into full-time, regularized Dingdong® Fleet Riders.

Through partnerships and collaboration, we will work hard to continue bridging opportunities and bringing transformation in the lives of our beneficiaries and partner communities towards Sustainable Human Development and Empowerment. Because we believe that every Filipino, when given the right opportunity can be empowered to develop their full potential, succeed in life, and give back towards the betterment of the community and our country.

Happy 12th Anniversary, YesPinoys and YesPinays!”

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Adorable Sixto!

Meanwhile Sixto found his new favorite commercial. It’s the commercial for Dingdong PH.

Watch how adorable Sixto is, he even sang his own version of Jingle Bells “Dingdong Bells” so cute!

Dingdong bells, dingdong bells, dingdong all the way~ she definitely got his Mom’s kakulitan.