Why Marian took a rest from social media

Dong shares why Marian took a break from social media

Dong Dantes recently talked to the entertainment press through Zoom to promote his show amazing earth and the re-airing of endless love on primetime television.

He was asked by Ms. Rose Garcia why Marian stop posting on her instagram account.

Dong said, as a family, they need to recharged, so they took a step back.

Dong said, “Marian should be the one to answer that question, but as a family as i said earlier its nice to just take a step back, relax and re-evaluate.”

“And when you are recharged and energized, you are ready to comeback. Sometimes we need that to strengthen our body, mind and soul.” Dong added.

Dong was also asked about his projects upcoming projects. “I’m about to do an episode for “I can see you.” It was delayed because of the pandemic, but we will resume and shoot it soon.”

Dong also revealed that DongYan sitcom is also in the works! We are so excited for that! Can’t wait!

You can watch his interview below.