Dong and Z at father Caluag’s official book launch

Dong prioritizes safety at work.

Dong Dantes recently guested on Howie Severino’s podcast last May 29th Where they discussed about a lot of topics.

One of the topics they discussed about is Safety, and for Dong it should be the number 1 priority right now.

He emphasized whenever he chooses a project during a pandemic, he shared the precautions he takes to protect himself. “I am lucky that our show Amazing Earth was one of the first to return, because the nature of our production seems to be very, very safe in terms of how to execute it.

“Because we are always outdoor, and we only have few production crew, and because of that, we were one of the first to be allowed to return.

“Definitely, safety is a factor to considerate. Of course I have kids at home. You don’t want to carry any virus from the outside and bring it home.

“But of course when you talk about ‘safety, there are two levels of how you would want to question and approach it, how do you implement that to yourself and you will also question how your workspace implements’ That’s safety. ”

Even the simple removal of the face mask every time there is a taping is not something he does lightly to protect himself from COVID-19. He said, “And up to a certain point, you may not have control over the space of your workplace. But you have control over yourself. So of course that should be the one you strengthen where you have control.”

meanwhile, Ate Zia made a brief appearance during the official book launch of Father Tito Caluag’s ‘Only Your Grace’.

Dong said, “We have a special guest here.” And Zia said “Hi!” And asked her Dad, “Where is Mama?” Dong answered her and said she’s at the other room.