Aiko Melendes admits she got Starstrucked meeting Marian Rivera

Aiko and Marian in AikonTalks

Actress Aiko Melendes can’t help but to fangirl over Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes when she got to interview her for her Youtube  Show. AikonTalks.

Aiko said that she never blushed  whenever she interview someone, but with Marian, she can’t help but blushed and fangirl.

“I’m so excited to a point  where i blushed. You all know and i have been very very vocal, in my life as a celebrity i only got starstruck twice.”

“First time with Ms. Maricel Soriano and second to this woman i’m about to interview Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes.”

Aiko got to talk with Marian after recording for her drama-anthology show na Tadhana.

Aiko asked Marian  how they are doing, and Marian said. “We are well adjusted, and i’m very thankful because i’m able to work from home.”

“I’m very thankful for my husband who’s directing me. I’m able to do my job from home and not go outside because of him.”

Marian record her show Tadhana at home and Dong ia the director.