Mamata and her Six grandchildren

Six Apos and counting..

Dong, Marian, Zia and Sixto visited Dong’s parents house earlier today.

The Dantes Family get together to meet the new members of the family. Baby Andres and Baby madeline.

Baby Andres is the first born of Dong’s brother Angelo. His wife Mika gave birth last March 6th. While Baby madeline is Dong’s sister Trina’s 3rd child.

Dong posted a photo of Mamata Angeline with her six grandchildren, Tyler, Jackie, Zia, Sixto, Madeline and Andres.

Dong posted, “Mamata and her six apos. Welcome to the club, baby Andres and baby Madeline!”

Dong also posted a photo of the 3 generation of Sixtos. Sixto Jr., Sixto III and Sixto IV.

Dong captioned, “Six-three.”