Marian Rivera breaks her silence on fake news that Dong got another girl pregnant

Marian’s reaction..

Marian Rivera were all smile when she answers the question asked by the press about the rumor that her husband Dingdong Dantes got another young actress pregnant.

While having the virtual press conference for one of her endorsements Dong even stole a kiss from Marian.

The couple were unbothered about the fake news going around social media. Recently there was a blind item saying that Dong got a young actress pregnant.

Marian react to the fake news and said they just laugh it off. “Dong asked me, ‘have you heard the rumor about me?’ I told him ‘Yes It’s so funny.’ Then he said, ‘Yeah it’s hilarious!’ And then i told her, ‘hey maybe i am next!'”

Marian said she is used to intrigues being thrown to their family, but Dong and her has a strong foundation, intrigues can’t bothered them no more.

Here’s the video: