DongYan plays ‘Who’s more…

A heap of fresh kilig for the day!

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera played the ‘Who’s More…..’ game on instagram.

Some of the fun questions were:

Who is more likely to lose their wallet?

Who has a bigger appetite?

who’s more likely to become a youtuber?

Who’s more forgetful?

Who’s more likely to sleep throughout an earthquake?

Watch the kilig video below:

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In other news, Marian and Zia have a new campaign for Wilkins Distilled Water.

“Kahit na I have my own business, Iā€™m a mom 24/7 first and foremost. I make sure I spend time with them and take care of their health.

Buti na lang I can count on Wilkins Distilled. Most recommended water ni Doc kaya it gives me one less thing to worry about pagdating sa health nila. Work and life balance? Achieved! Kaya I #TrustWilkinsDistilled. “