Zia to take vocal lessons

She really loves to sing..

Marian is the on who watch over her daughter while studying on her online class.

She is her teacher who really focus on Zia while shes studying online and she enjoys it.But one thing she likes about it is Zia’s fond of singing.

Dong posted his jamming session with his daughter, where Zia plays guitar (with the help of Dingdong of course) and they are jamming along with the song Stand By Me.

Zia also like to sing “A Star is Born” by Lady Gaga. According to Marian, she and Dong noticed that Zia likes to sing.

Marian mentioned in several interviews that she will not stop Zia into entering showbiz if her daughter wants to. But before that she need to finish her studies first.

Since Zia likes to sing, she said to her daughter to have a voice lesson.

“I told her, ‘ Nak, if you really wanted to be a singer, someone needs to teach you because I cant. Your mommy sounds like a frog and your dad can but he is very busy.’

“So when theres a chance, she need to have a voice lesson. Because she really likes to sing. She really wants to,” said Marian.

That’s why GM Primetime Queen is really taking her time at home to focus on Zia and Ziggy.

Her work aside from endorsement shoots is taping her spiels for Tadhana that will be diected by her husband Dingdong.

They are celebrating Tadhana’s 3rd year anniversary, and some of the episodes that will air will have a light format that tackles love and hope.

Marian said,” Its nice, because when theres Tadhana, people have work. Something is going on behind the scenes.

“I love my Tadhana family. As Ive said, we can do our shoot even at home and our Tadhana staff is working as well.

“I am happy about it. As long as they’re safe.”

Watch Marian’s interview below:

Video by Very Wang.