Sixto sings A B C

This is beyond cute!

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes just posted an adorable video of his son, Jose Sixto Dantes IV aka Ziggy on her instagram account.

In the video Ziggy was watching the nursery rhyme version of A B C on his Ipad, while Marian and Ate Zia are watching him and capturing the adorable moment.

As Ziggy watch A B C on his ipad, he sang along with it. He adorably tried to pronounced the letters and made adorable expressions as he do so.

Marian and Zia can’t help but to laugh because Ziggy is just too cute as he tried to sang along.

Ziggy finished singing A B C making his Momma and Ate Zia so proud!

Here’s the adorable video!

Thank you Momma Marian for sharing and Good Job Sixto!