Zia Dantes sing and play guitar with Daddy Dong

This will surely melt your heart..

Dingdong Dantes just shared a heart melting video of Zia and him while singing and playing the guitar.

Dong posted, “Every night before we sleep, this little princess comes to my workspace as i send last minute emails and messages, complete my voice over for Amazing Earth, and pack up my stuff to wrap up the busy day. Usually, we’d watch a clip in her favorite YT channel, read about her current favorite scary story, or just simply talk about how exciting her day was. Occasionally, she would join me as i struggle to learn new songs on the guitar— as of writing, it’s already 5 months since I started my formal lessons with @yanyuzon — and I haven’t even completed any of the three (3) songs that I have been practicing on!!

But there’s this one song that’s a favorite of mine. And little did i know that someone was always listening closely while I play the song.

Tonight, that little one just walked up to me while i was in the middle of studying ‘I am I Said’ of Neil Diamond. She went behind the guitar, hugged it from my standpoint, and started to strum.
She said, “Dad, let’s sing this song.”

She did her thing. She strummed— not yet with chords ha— and sang. In the process of executing each stroke, each breath— i was melting.

She calls this song When The Night…Well, she can call it whatever she wants. What’s sure is that i’ll stand by her, even if the moon is the only light we’ll see! Naaakanam!! “

Good job ate zia!